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Double trouble!Added 27 Nov

Double trouble!




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Tonight, people, you’re in for a treat… not only will our finalists be performing in a veritable rock and roll fest of a show, but they’ll be doing it with not one, but TWO songs each!

The challenge is well and truly on for our budding rockers and rock chicks and, after an action packed week of rehearsals, the atmosphere here at the studio is electric.

Tonight each finalist will have twice the exposure, two sets of judges’ comments and, let’s face it, two chances to buckle under the pressure… so are they ready to rock?

“Doing two songs is really, really cool because once you come off after doing your first one you really wanna get back on stage,” said a focused Matt when we found him in hair and makeup.

“Normally you have to wait a week, so it’s cool that we’ll only have to wait half an hour or so. Loving doing two songs… more stage time!”

So Matt’s definitely up for this evening’s double whammy… he laughs in the face of two songs. But is everyone feeling so calm and collected?

“We’ve got to put in double the amount of rehearsal so we’re all a bit tired this week,” admitted Louis, as we watched rehearsals.  “But we love both our songs.”

“We always say I’d love to go back up there and do that again,” chimed in Niall. Well, now’s your chance boys!

So, the finalists are primed and ready for tonight and we can’t wait to get this rock and rollercoaster started!

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Plus, don’t forget you can pre-order all of the songs performed live on The X Factor stage tonight – just follow this link to our iTunes page.


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dennis the menace

Monday, 29 November 2010 5:29 PM

Hi guys, Posted this about ten times so far lol, One Direction, i think a song by the Backstreet Boys would suite you guys, its called "Helpless When She Smiles", if you can get the arrangement right it would be a vote getter, it was  also done by Jason Nevin as a remix, check it out , cheers Dennis The Menace.


Saturday, 27 November 2010 11:04 PM

Heyyy Guyzz Justt Havvee Tuu Saiii Youhh guys were ammaaaziinngg !!
Youh guyz are deffinatlyy b the next boy banndd

lavv yaa all keepp iytt upp 

Mwaaah ! x


Saturday, 27 November 2010 2:05 PM

hey one direction,i have to say again you guys are green but very very good. well, youn have to improve, and for you stagnant is not enough. somebody may say you are created for making money, just foget it cause if you can make money,that proves you are good enough.you have that voice, people can't blame you for being cute. it's just one of the weapons leading you to success.guys, the only way to convince the doubters and shut them up is to deliver fantastic performance .i trust you ,game on now

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