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Katy Perry Q and AAdded 17 Aug

Katy Perry Q and A




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What were you looking for in the contestants?

I wanted to find someone that has a spark that is different and unlike anything that is already out there.The industry is really competitive and so I was looking for someone not only with a voice, but maybe with a distinct voice to them. I can’t wait to see, some kind of diamond in the rough that would be so fantastic!

What kind of judge will people see you as?

I’m definitely not going to be a sugar-coated judge, just because there are people that need advice and they need criticism and sometimes they need to hear the truth. If it’s obviously not going to work out for them, ever, and they haven’t figured that out, they need to aspire to something else. It’s a bit of a hard thing to do, to tell someone that hard truth but hopefully I can say it in a way that isn’t a mean way, but just a helpful way. Because I want people to fulfil their dreams and their goals, but, you know, if you can’t dance, don’t dance! I’ve only been in the industry - in public - for about two or three years but I’ve been working at it for a long time and I can’t wait to spot a star.

What do you think it takes to survive the audition?

I think you just have to breathe before you go on to those auditions and realise that we’re just looking for something genuine and real talent. Sometimes people get so dressed up or they get so crazy, and they have all these moves, but you can’t just have all the bells and whistles and not have the actual talent.

You took part in the Dublin auditions - do you think Ireland is well known for its talent?

Yes, they have a lot to offer for the music scene. I usually get my music from y’all first, and then I kind of reintroduce it to my friends in the States. So you guys always have a bit of a jump-start.

Were you pleased to be working with the rest of the panel?

I love Simon! I’ve met him a few times before on different chat shows and he’s very confident and very sarcastic, which is definitely my cup of tea. I love Cheryl, she’s a fashion inspiration of course and, I want those dimples, right there. And, Louis, I had never met, but I was excited to meet him in his hometown. I’m just excited to be in that great company.

Did you enjoy being on the panel?

Simon just tells you like it is, and he always has some kind of rhyme or riddle that goes along with it: “You sound like blah blah blah”. It’s like you should make t-shirts out of sayings that he says. And Cheryl’s just so sweet and she’s not just a pushover which is good because I think sometimes women, in judging things can be too sweet and it gets annoying. And Louis was just fun, he’s really funny. You can tell what he’s looking for - that’s a boy band.


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Monday, 23 August 2010 7:15 PM


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