Best and worst of The X Factor auditions

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Goldie! Janet! Johnny! Aaah, how we watched in amazement, LOL-ed and sometimes sniffled into our tissues at the sheer brilliance of The X Factor auditions. Relieve all the best - and worst - memorable moments in our Playlist!

@The X FactorAdded 16 Dec

OMG! Our 2 Shoes gal Charley has given birth to the first baby shoe, a little boy called Beaux! Massive congrats, hugs and kisses from The X Factor team. Totes emosh!

2 Shoes Lucy tweeted: "Can confirm, Baby Shoe - Beaux Phillips Bird has arrived! Both fine x So EMOSHE right now, and so proud of my shoe x Lucy x"

To celebrate, watch their ay-may-zing performance of Something Kinda Ooh again...

2 Shoes are Something Kinda Ooooh