Popcorn at the ready… It’s Movie Week!

Turn the lights down low, invest in some comfy pillows and stock up on nachos ‘n’ fizzy pop – it’s Movie Week on The X Factor.

Popcorn at the ready… It’s Movie Week!

Yup – Lights, camera, action!

It’s time to transform your living room into a multiplex for one night only and brace yourself for our screen sirens and hot heroes - aka our fantabulous Finalists.

We’re dying to know which celluloid classics will be recreated on stage and there’s oodles to choose from… Footloose, Grease, Moulin Rouge, High School Musical – the list is endless.

And purr-lease someone answer our prayers and cover The Bodyguard classic I Will Always Love You by Whitters.

Sooo, withour further ado it's time to place your bets and get lost in the magic of iconic movie tunes this weekend. That's a wrap!