Saturday night's theme revealed!

There are just five Finalists left in the competition, but by jove they will be putting on a show for you this weekend.

Saturday night's theme revealed!

This Saturday night, our contestants will be taking on not one, but TWO massive songs. And we have a sneaking suspicion each of the act's double performances will be rather different.

The theme this week is *drumroll please* Heroes and people's guilty pleasures, those songs you just can't help a-loving no matter how cheesy they are. And we all have a few of those!

With this mashup of musical icons and cheese-filled tunes, Saturday night is going to be epic with 10 songs to entertain and set your living room alight.

We're afraid we can't be telling you what the Finalists have up their sleeves, it's a surprise, so the only way to find out is to tune into The X Factor on ITV1 at 8pm this Saturday evening.

Double the theme means double the fun. So at the double then, ensure you don't miss it!