The Wanted blog about The X Factor

Pop hotties The Wanted returned to The X Factor stage on Sunday to perform their amazing new single Lightning. Here’s what they think about this year’s show…

The Wanted blog about The X Factor

Greetings! This is The Wanted, and so far this year's X Factor has been seriously intense!

We love the new judges (Max does a great impression of Gary Barlow), we've loved Tulisa for ages and it's brilliant to see her shining as a judge.

Kelly is really caring towards her acts and you can see that off camera as well as during the show.

 Gary is the new (and dare we say it) improved Simon, and Louis is the last remaining original.

We're split on our favourite act, Misha B is really strong, and easy to watch, but then Janet has a nice vulnerability to her. It would be nice to see them switch that up and Misha B sing a bit more intimately and Janet sing with real confidence.

Our only advice we can give to the acts is be yourselves, it's a lot less work than trying to be something you aren't.

People may criticise you, but if you keep doing what you're doing and improving week by week, eventually opinions will shift. Last year Caroline Flack said she'd rather cut off her own fingers than listen to us, but this year she was a total babe with us and there were no bleeding stumps in the place of digits! If that's not success, we’re not sure what is!

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Oooh... Our finalists will be saying Hello tonight with their first group performance, Martin Solveig styleee.

Tonight, 8pm, ITV1