This week's theme is revealed

Ga ga ooh la la scaramouche scaramouche can you do the fandango? Listen up party people, it's  Queen vs Lady GaGa week!

This week's theme is revealed

Yes, this weekend, our Finalists will either take on some classic songs by the late great Freddie Mercury and Queen, or  perform their version of a Lady Gaga hit.

There will be theatre, there will be high notes and there will be plenty of outlandish costumes and staging. Dramarama!

Will Janet do another upbeat number? Are Little Mix gonna sing in acapella as Kelly Rowland requested? And will anyone impress Lady Gaga enough to get the star's backing when she appears on Sunday night's Results Show? We cannot wait to find out.

And the only way to see what happens is to tune into ITV1 at 8.15pm on Saturday to see our Finalists take to our famous X Factor stage once more.

If that wasn't enough, as well as Lady Gaga on Sunday night, the wondrous One Direction will also be performing. Oooo! One Direction are back on The X Factor.

Cancel your plans, put the mobiles on silent, shut the curtains and hang a Do Not Disturb sign outside - this is one weekend of X Factor mania you will not want to miss.