STYLE FILES: Christopher Maloney style success

STYLE FILES: Christopher Maloney style success

When we first met Chris Maloney he was head to toe in Primark and swore he would never wear a suit and in the 10 week make over we have converted him into wearing the smartest clothes from Alexander McQueen and Zara! We asked the style team about his new posh/trendy look!

Fashion Frank: Chris looks great in classic menswear at first he said he'd never wear a suit, but once we got him suited he loved it!!

Beauty queen Julia: Chris Maloney had sun beds regularly which left his skin dry, parched and dehydrated, he’s now having less sunbeds so his skin is less leathery.  His eyebrows are less ‘scouse brows’ as we’ve given him brow threading to give him a more masculine brow and I tint them for definition.  He does have a lot of redness in his skin tone so I give him regular spray tans but he is now less orange.  He now looks well and healthy.

Hairstylist Jamie: Christopher’s hair was short on the sides and slightly longer on top and down the middle. He is really well groomed and so with him, it’s been mainly about keeping his hair short, with regular trims. As the show has gone on and I’ve gained his trust, we’ve gone shorter. Although it hasn’t changed that much, his hair grows really fast and so we do cut his hair a lot! I tend to use a matte paste on Chris’ hair to enhance and define his look.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!