STYLE FILES: Jahmene Douglas style success

STYLE FILES: Jahmene Douglas style success

Jahmene came in a suit and will probably leave in a suit, does he ever not wear suits?! He one of the strongest style identities to match his soulful roots and The Style Team has focused on strengthening it. We chatted to the style team to find out about his X Factor style transformation.

Fashion Frank - Jahmene came into the competition wearing tailoring and we've maintained this and refined it, but also loosened up his look to give him more movement when he performs and a higher gloss. He also now rocks a bomber jacket and vintage knitwear off-stage!

Beauty queen Julia - Had overplucked, feminine and uneven brows (almost tadpole shaped).  We threaded them over the series and they’re a lot squarer and more masculine and suit his face shape better.  Jahmene has flawless skin so doesn’t need anything apart from a good blemish balm and a facial.

Hairstylist Jamie – As everyone knows, he was so nervous at the beginning and so although my goal was to take him much shorter, I introduced this gradually each week until now where I’ve done a proper skin fade for a really sharp, slick look which matches his clothes styling! As he relaxed, we even got to experiment with some sharp tramlines, which we introduced in week 6 that worked really well with his overall look. For Jahmene, a little smoothing serum mixed with a wax is all he needs and he’s good to go!


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!