STYLE FILES: James Arthur style success

STYLE FILES: James Arthur style success

James Arthur has come along way since his skint chic days... When we first met him he told us his favourite scent would be Primark if they did one because that's all he could afford :(. In the past 8 weeks we have seen him dip into his inner 'urban' style, wear posh suits and become partial to a spray tan! CYA PRIMARNI! We get the style teams thoughts on his X Factor style make over....

Fashion Frank- James has moved out of tailoring, and into shirting, he looks great in a shirt with the sleeves rolled up and he is ready to perform in basic wardrobe staples. We haven't tried to overly spangle him, it would be incongruous to his style but everyone agrees he looks super slick in a suit when the occasion requires!

Beauty queen Julia- During the process of the show we had James’ long eyelashes and eyebrows tinted black which has made a HUGE difference and makes his blye eyes stand out, I also keep his brows in place with a brow gel! I’ve really focused on giving him a flawless, masculine lool by giving him regular (very subtle) spray tans and airbrushing. We started using an Ultrasun lip balm to keep his skin soft and make his lips a bit glossy.  

Hairstylist Jamie- James came to the competition with a really undone side-swept cut, since we have given him more of a done undone texture with volumising products and lifted the hair off the face to make him look to compliment his face shape!


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!