1D Grooming Goss with Lou Teasdale

1D Grooming Goss with Lou Teasdale

While the boys were on the show we caught up with One Direction's hairdresser - she has almost half a million Twitter followers, that's a lot of interest for a hair fluffer! So we thought we'd ask her some questions about being on the glam squad for the biggest band on earth...

Do 1D really need that much hair and make up?

Yeah of course, most of them are working the messy look but they don't wake up like that (sorry lads)

How long does it take?
I can bang it out in an hour now I've shaved LIam's hair off!

Was that your idea??!
Yeah we decided to do it for the Vogue shoot, they do so many shoots in one day and it's really hard trying to make them look different for all of them. We had a week off after it and it was the last shoot of the day and his hair was really short anyway so we were going to put it back to normal a week later... But he looked really good and loved it so we just went really short and kept it. Now he gets to sleep in on work days because he doesn't need any grooming time.
I never get twitter hate just nice things but I got my first twitter hate when I shaved Liam's hair :(

Who's hair is your favourite (you HAVE to chose one and you're NOT allowed to be diplomatic or professional)?
Zayn, because he lets me do what I want with it, I think he has the coolest hair. Louis when he has it slicked back too. They all have pretty cool hair even though I do say so myself, god knows where we're going to go with Harry's I don't dare change it!

What's your product of the moment?
Texture dust! The boys complain it makes their head feel funny but it's so good for guys hair, TRESemme do a good one called Backcomb Dust :)

How do you get a job like yours?
I get so many people ask me on Twitter everyday and there isn't an easy way, I trained at London College of Fashion and assisted for 5 years for NO money! I eventually got a job assisting here on The X Factor! I worked in the hair room for 5 years on X Factor and Britain's Got Talent and because I do both hair and make up I traveled with The X Factor Tour as well. The tour was a good gig really, when you do someones hair and make up every day for 2 months they get used to you and don't like how anyone else does it! So I always managed to keep a couple of clients a year when they got signed and did promo/videos etc. I suppose if I was to give any advise to people getting in the industry it would be to practice and become really good at what you do, if you wanna be a hairdresser you need to train so get the next salon junior job going and crack on and when your ready, look into the different routes like celebrity and fashion work, there's no quick way unfortunately. The same with make up, short courses are expensive and, erm, short! You're better off working on a make up counter and getting really good at doing make up and opportunities will come to you when you're ready. Hope that helps!

Do you only do boys?
Well now I just do One Direction because they're so busy but I can do both and always did in the past, I suppose I specialise in male grooming yeah I must be better at it I suppose! I always do the boys girlfriends too though does that count!

Do One Direction tell you all of their secrets when they're having their hair done? Can you tell us one?
Harry is a huge fan of Darius Danish from Pop Idol.


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