Get George'ous Waves

Get George'ous Waves

Get George'ous hair - or give it to your boyfriend!! ♥

The key to George's hair is to do it, then mess it up, then do it again

1. Start from wet and apply Salt Spray into the hair.. Blow the dryer up and into the roots

2. Once dry use a small amount of mousse in the palm of your hands and scrunch to bring the curls out

3. Dry the curls around your fingers. if the hair isn't very curly then pick out sections and curl around a small curling wand

4. Let the curls cool down and set for a good 20 minutes then mess them all up by spraying dry shampoo into the roots

5. To finish use TRESseme freeze hold spray to define ends and hold


    Added 08 Dec from MARKWRIGHT_

    James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!