Biography: Ella Henderson

Biography: Ella Henderson

From: Grimsby. Category: Girls. Mentor: Tulisa.

Ella says: “Put simply, I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now.”

Sixteen year old Ella is from Grimsby, where she lives with her parents, two brothers and sister. Ella has been studying at a music school away from home for the past few years and has just completed her GCSEs, passing with flying colours.

Since Ella's first appearance on the show when she sang a self-penned song about her late granddad Bill, she has caused quite a stir - and superstar Cher even tweeted about her after she sang Believe at Bootcamp.

Ella is a big fan of Amy Winehouse and Frank Sinatra and picks out Olly Murs and Leona Lewis as her favourite X Factor contestants from previous series’ of the show. Ella confesses that she'd love to sing with Adele or Beyonce.

Ella's fun facts!

Tell us about your mentor, how has Tulisa helped you so far?

Tulisa has always told me from day one that I should stay true to myself and to stay grounded. She is an amazing mentor and gives valuable advice.

Tell us something about yourself that people may be surprised to know...
I think people would be surprised to know that I'm also into reggae music. Also I can't wait to do a song that might take people by surprise.



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