Biography: District3

Biography: District3

From: Essex, Cleethorpes and Porthcawl – all live in Windsor now. Category: Groups. Mentor: Louis.

District3 say: “This is a tough competition and I hope that our unity as a group gets us through.”

Greg, 18, Mickey, 18, and Dan, 19 are best mates after meeting at school over five years ago.

They spend most days together and love the Inbetweeners, going to the gym and playing football. Dan says he once got stopped by police for driving round a roundabout for wearing too many hats at one time!

Dan would love to meet Eminem, Mickey wants to meet Brian McKnight and Greg, Alan from The Hangover.

Greg and Mickey are messy whereas Dan says he is a ‘clean freak’ so their stay at the contestants’ hotel will be interesting…

Districts3's fun facts!

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?
G: Alan from "The Hangover". M: Brian McKnight ... a masterclass in singing with him would be my dream, that’s if I could even keep up with such a legend. D: Eminem.

Who would you most like to perform on stage with?
M: Brian McKnight or Stevie Wonder. D: Chris Brown.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!