Biography: MK1

Biography: MK1

From: Cornwall and London. Category: Groups. Mentor: Louis.

MK1 say: “We are bringing something extremely fresh, unique and exciting to the live shows. Delivering the underground to the overground is our motto.”

MK1 are London based duo, Charlotte (Charlie), 19, and Sim, 24. The talented duo have been gigging for a while as they write and produce their own music. Sim also works as a shoe salesman. Their music is a mix of dubstep, hip-hop and pop and Charlie can play piano, guitar and drums.  Sim studied music industry management at Buckinghamshire University after being offered a football scholarship to play in America, so he chose music over sport.

At their first audition, their friend Will was with them onstage but he agreed to leave the group after the Judges said they’d put Charlie and Sim through as a duo only. Will remains one of their best mates and Charlie shares a house with him. Ahead of their trip to Las Vegas for Judges Houses Sim broke his ankle playing football meaning Charlie had to push him around in a wheelchair for the whole of the trip. His cast has been taken off now so Sim is having physiotherapy to make sure he’s in top form for the first Live Show.

MK1's fun facts!

What’s the most exciting thing about your X Factor experience so far?
Spending five amazing days in Las Vegas and performing for Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne in an intimate setting felt surreal.

Why should you win The X Factor? What will you bring to this year’s competition?
The thought of being the first two piece to win is really exciting. We’re a niche band as well which should hopefully work in our current market.



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