Chris Maloney: ‘Tulisa’s comments hurt the most’

Chris Maloney: ‘Tulisa’s comments hurt the most’

He’s been nicknamed the karaoke king and accused of churning out more cheese than a dairy.

Who are we babbling on about? Why, Chris! 

This afternoon, we caught up with the lovely Liverpudlian to talk about why he thinks Union J are better than One Direction and how his Scouse spirit has been seeing him through.

We enjoyed your performances on Saturday’s show...

Thanks! It was dead good, I really enjoyed myself. The Judges often criticise my performances for being dated. It felt good to do something slightly out of my comfort zone.

Yeah, we loved the floor dancing and leather jacket...

It was nice to get the Rylan treatment in terms of the set and budget. I was delighted with the choreography Brian came up with. It was also great to ditch my usual suit for a leather jacket.

The Judges always seem to give you mixed reviews...

Yes, it’s always a mixture of good and bad. I try to use criticism I receive constructively. Tulisa’s comments hurt me the most. She’s doesn't seem interested in me. Although, it may just be a case of sour grapes now that Ella has gone.

What about the other Judges?

I love Nicole, she’s always very positive with her feedback. Gary has been a huge support. He’s not just a mentor, he’s a friend.

If you make it to the Final, are you happy about it being held up north?

If I get to the Final, it will be great. I think the audience will be lovely and really supportive in Manchester. I may get booed here but I don't think that will happen up north.

Who are you closest to in the competition?

Jamie out of Union J. He’s a top guy. I love those guys - I think they could be the next big boyband. They’re totally different to One Direction. One Direction aren’t really my cup of tea. Union J, however, are my cup of tea!

We must ask, how’s your nan?

Nan is great, she’s not paying any attention to any of the nonsense out there. I’d like to thank her and all my wonderful fans for believing in me and voting for me week after week.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!