Christopher: ‘I’d love Bette Midler to tweet me!’

Christopher: ‘I’d love Bette Midler to tweet me!’

Last weekend’s double-bill was full of gasps, laughs and absolute hotties.

It also provided us with a totes emosh moment courtesy of Christopher Maloney. His emotional performance - dedicated to his late grandfather - pulled at our heat-strings and made us cry. A little bit.

We caught up with the lovely Liverpudlian to talk about THAT performance and his plans to overcome his nerves.

Sooo, did you watch yourself on the telly?
I couldn’t watch it live on Saturday so I watched it back on the ITV website later in the evening.

Geri joined you on stage…
Yes, she stepped up on stage to give me a hug and offer some words of moral support. It really helped!

You’re a big Bette Midler fan, right?
Yes! I would be made up if she saw my performance. I would love Bette Midler to tweet me. Imagine that?

You love Cheryl Cole too, don’t you?
I’m a big fan. In fact, the last song I listened to at the side of the stage before auditioning was Call The Shots by Girls Aloud. She’s dead sexy too.

Did you enjoy going on This Morning today?
I was really nervous about going on This Morning. Fortunately, I ended up really enjoying myself and interviews like that are helping me to overcome my nerves. I love the make-up they put on you too – it’s given me an instant tan!

How come it took you five years to apply?
Every year, I’d fill out an application form and then rip it up. I’d watch the show and cry, thinking how much I wanted to be up on that stage. I’m really working on my nerves, although it’s very hard to change your pattern of thinking overnight.

Watch Christopher's life-changing Audition HERE!


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