Christopher Maloney: ‘I'm flattered Louis thinks I'm just like Cilla Black!’

Christopher Maloney: ‘I'm flattered Louis thinks I'm just like Cilla Black!’

Awww, we love Christopher Maloney! The power ballads, the all-year-round tan, the addiction to cheese, (we could go on).

Each week, the lovely Liverpudlian provides great TV when he clashes with Louis Walsh over his smorgasbord of ‘80s song choices, (like chalk ‘n’ cheese, those two).

This morning, we chatted with the cheese aficionado to find out if he’s still - ahem - cheesed off with all these ‘diva’ accusations and why he's flattered to be likened to Cilla Black.

Any plans to cover an obscure indie song anytime soon?
Ha, absolutely not! I’ve stuck to my guns. I was voted in by the public and I owe it to them to stay true to myself by performing songs that I love and hopefully they like. It would be unfair to pretend to be someone I’m not. I love all the razzmatazz that comes with singing a power ballad.

How do you feel about the Judges calling you cheesy?
I appreciate the Judges’ feedback. I do take their advice on-board. Although, I think Louis’ comments have been below the belt at times.

How come?
I don’t get why he called me a ‘diva.’ I reckon he was lost for words when he was asked that question on Xtra Factor by a caller. He plucked my name from thin air!

Sooo, you’re not a diva?
If I was a diva, I wouldn’t cook and clean for my Nan like I do. I don’t have any airs or graces. I don’t take a second of what’s happening to me for granted. I’m grateful for every second and opportunity that comes my way.

What about Louis likening you to Cilla Black?
Cilla is a legend. I take that as a compliment. If I could he half as successful as she’s been throughout her career, I’d be a happy man. Cheers, Louis!

If you had to compare the Judges to different cheeses, who’d be what?
Louis would be a mouldy cheese, Nicole a nice slab of brie, Gary a cheese slice because they’re very popular and everyone likes them. Tulisa would be a blue cheese because you either like her or you don’t.

You’re looking paler than usual today…
Ha! I’m addicted to faking it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed a spray tan for Halloween. I love being tanned. Some people say I’m orange but I’d say I’m more of a mahogany.

Watch Christopher's stonking Saturday night perfromance HERE!


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