Curtis: ‘I won’t be binning my Scary Spice memorabilia’

Curtis: ‘I won’t be binning my Scary Spice memorabilia’

Not one for sugar-coating her comments, Mel B was far from sweet on Curtis Golden’s rendition of Candy Man, (ok, ok… we’ll dispense with the sweets puns).

Here, everyone’s favourite Spice boy (apart from Mel B, obvs) lifts the lid on how he REALLY feels about Grumpy Spice, (oops, we mean Scary Spice). In addition to all of that, the quirky performer gives his verdict on Saturday night’s telly-tastic performances.

‘Fess up; are you vexed with Mel B?
I was a little bit gutted by her reaction but I have no hard feelings towards Mel B. I still like her. It’s cool – I’m not cross with her.

Tell us about your Spice Girls memorabilia…
I had the life-size cardboard cut-outs of all the girls. I didn’t have a favourite Spice Girl but I do recall having a Ginger Spice doll, (Ooh… take that, Mel B!). I don’t just collect Spice Girls memorabilia. I’ve got a stash of superheroes and comics too. Despite all of that, I’d like to point out I’m REALLY not that geeky.

We were impressed by your guitar skills…
Thanks. I’m self-taught. I picked it all up by watching videos posted on YouTube. I take music seriously and I really enjoy performing live.

Is your dad proud?
My dad is really made up for me. I invited my friends over to watch it and everyone was screaming their heads off when I came on TV.

Which performances did you rate on Saturday?
Ella Henderson gave a really moving performance. I also loved Jahmene; he sung some ridiculously high-notes.

Gary seemed to like you…
I thought I’d get a grilling off Gary but he liked my performance the most. It was really flattering to have someone of his stature rate me so highly.

What about Louis?
Louis is my favourite even though he’s forever telling lame ‘dad’ jokes. I always think ‘awww bless!’ whenever he makes his funny comments.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I’d like to thank the public for all their support – I’ve gained so many followers online. And I’d like to reassure Mel B that I won’t be binning my Scary Spice cut-out!


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!