Ella Henderson: ‘I took a risk performing my own song’

Ella Henderson: ‘I took a risk performing my own song’

On Saturday night, Ella Henderson wowed the Judges and plucked at our heart-strings with an emotionally charged song she’d written herself.

Here, the 16-year-old starlet opens up about winning over Gazza and being ever so slightly scared of Mel B…

How are you feeling?
I’m still buzzing. My feet haven’t touched the ground and I feel as though I’m still dreaming. The response from the public has been phenomenal and really flattering. People have already covered my song on YouTube. The press have compared me to Adele – what an honour!

Were you worried about performing your own song?
Yes, you run a risk performing a song the Judges and crowd aren’t familiar with. I’m pleased that the rules have changed this year to allow for instruments and own songs. It provided me with a fantastic opportunity to showcase my songwriting skills.

When did you realise you could sing?
I’ve sung all my life and started writing tunes at the age of 12. I used to be a really gobby child so singing gave me an outlet in which to use my voice! The first song I ever sung was Annie’s ‘Tomorrow.’

Were you scared of Mel B?
A little bit! I’d heard on the day that Mel B was giving back harsh feedback. I’m sooo relieved that she liked me.

You’re a fan of Gary Barlow, aren’t you?
Yes. I really wanted to impress Gary with a song I’d written myself. As a successful songwriter, I was very much seeking his approval. Tulisa was really lovely too; we really gelled and it was lovely of her to hug me.

Who’d be your dream duet?
It’d be great to do something with Plan B. Also, I would have loved to perform with Amy Winehouse. I’m still in awe of her talent; she had such presence.


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