Ella Henderson: ‘Kim Kardashian told me I’ve got her vote!’

Ella Henderson: ‘Kim Kardashian told me I’ve got her vote!’

She’s the last lady left in the competition and possibly the only person we know who can sing an F-sharp descending, (ask Barlow if you’re not sure what that is).

Yup, it’s Ella! Earlier, we caught up with the lovely lass to talk about performing with Adele, hobnobbing with the Kardashians and throwing slumber parties with District3.

We loved Saturday’s show…
The Best of British theme made me feel really proud and patriotic. Rylan’s Spice Girls medley was wicked. He bought boy power to the studio for the night!

If you had to create a male version of The Spice Girls, who would you pick?
George would be Baby Spice because he’s so cute. JJ would be Sporty Spice because he’s so energetic. Rylan would be Posh Spice as he’s crazy about fashion and pouts all the time. Jaymi would be Scary Spice because he’s wild and James Arthur would have to be Ginger Spice because of his strawberry blonde hair!

Can you believe that Adele is such a fan?
For her to know who I am is amazing. I still can’t get my head around it. I really look up to her. I’d love to meet her.

Would you like to duet with her?
I’d love to duet with Adele if I was fortunate to get through to the Finals. I’d be very star-struck though, what would you say in the presence of such greatness?

How do you keep it real?
My family have kept me grounded. Tulisa has also been guiding me. She’s more than just a mentor, she’s also a friend. We always have such a giggle when we’re together.

What do you get up to at the hotel?
We keep on throwing slumber parties. We all put on our onesies and ordered in room service. Last time, District3’s Micky ended up putting facemasks on all of us and forced us to undergo all these beauty treatments. The boys are so vain!

Who takes the longest to get ready?
Union J’s Josh! He is obsessed with his hair. He’s always preening himself and asking if he looks okay. Union J use more hairspray than anyone else in the competition. It’s worth it, though – they have fab hair.

Didn’t you meet Kim Kardashian last week?
Yes - I love the Kardashians. I watch all the shows and I like how all three sisters have different body shapes. It’s aspirational for women who aren’t super skinny. It makes you feel as though curves are OK.

Did Kim give you any advice?
Kim told me to keep doing what I’m doing for the girls and said that I’ve got her vote. I was beyond flattered!

Is it weird being the only girl left in the competition?
Ha, it is! The boys are so messy and smelly. It’s like being with my brothers at home. I’m loving it, though. There’s a chilled out vibe all the time and zero bitchiness. 


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