George Shelley: ‘I plan on setting up Josh with Jade from Little Mix!’

George Shelley: ‘I plan on setting up Josh with Jade from Little Mix!’

Gorgeous George, let us count the reasons we love thee so. That deliciously dishevelled ‘do, those big brown eyes and the way you strum your guitar. The list is endless.

Earlier, we caught up with Union J’s George to talk about THAT friendship with Ella, his cunning matchmaking plans and why he’s a fan of Louis’ polo necks.

We LOVED Sunday’s group sing-a-along…
The group ensemble is the highlight of the weekend. You momentarily forget you’re in a competition and everyone is just so chilled out. Your week’s main performance is out of the way and it’s all about having loads of fun with one another.

How would you describe your fellow-wingmen in Union J?
I love them; they’re like my brothers. Jamie’s the dad of the group – he’s so bossy and without him, nothing would get done! Josh is the funny guy – he’s always cracking everyone up. I’m the cheeky one. JJ is in the clouds, he’s on his own planet and thinking about ponies and stuff all the time!

Lolz! We heard that Josh has a crush on a certain celebrity…
He does! He really fancies Jade from Little Mix. I hear that Little Mix may be popping to the studios soon so I’m thinking of setting something up. I love playing matchmaker. I just need to find out if she’s single first…

What about you and Ella?
Ella is like my little sister. It’s purely platonic. She’s a great girl. I would perhaps consider dating her after the show. Who knows?

What do you look for in a lady?
I love a lady who can make me laugh and I’m a sucker for big brown eyes. I’d take someone I fancied somewhere hot. We could cook barbeques on the beach and go surfing. That would be romantic!

Louis seems to be channelling the Milk Tray Man in those polo-necks…
Louis is a trailblazer is the fashion stakes! He’s really upped his game this year. He’s wearing those polo necks so we can keep warm in this cold weather. He's being sensible AND suave!

Do you have a fave Judge besides Louis?
Nicole is really funny. Her and Jahmene’s visit to ASDA was the funniest moment of the series so far. She was such a good sport donning that uniform.

Any hotel goss you wanna spill?
A fan told me that they’d booked a room in the hotel so they could come and see us. Intense!


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!