Gary Barlow: ‘My mum has been voting for Chris!’

Gary Barlow: ‘My mum has been voting for Chris!’

Oh, be still our beating hearts -The Barlow is in the vicinity and he’s looking tastier than the menu at Nando’s. In fact, we’d go so far as to suggest that he’s even HOTTER than a bottle of Peri-Peri sauce.

Naturally, we thought we’d do the right thing and quiz him on your behalf, (you’re welcome!).

Here, goregous Gazza lifts the lid on missing Rylan, his thoughts on this series and why his mum is mad for Maloney. Enjoy!

Who do you think is voting for Chris?

I don’t go into people’s living rooms! I don’t know who is voting for Chris. I’m just really happy that he has the public’s support.

You seem to be having a ball this year...

The X Factor is much more fun this year. There has been shedloads of drama! Last year was a learning curve for me.

How come?

This year, I’ve been less nervous and I’m taking things in my stride. I toured during last year’s show. In hindsight, I took on too much and was knackered the whole time.

What do you make of Rylan’s new career as a telly presenter?

I’m delighted to hear that he’s got some TV work. He’s a natural entertainer and I see him being really successful as a presenter. I was fond of Rylan, he’s a really genuine guy.

Is your mum a fan of Chris?

My mum and all her neighbours are voting for Chris. I can’t wait to duet with him on Saturday - we’re going all out with an orchestra. The bigger, the better! Mark my words, it’ll be a show-stopper!


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!