Geri: ‘My arrival was pure Ginger Spice!’

Geri: ‘My arrival was pure Ginger Spice!’

You know things are looking up when you have not just one but TWO Spice Girls as Guest Judges.

With this in mind, we caught up with Geri Halliwell to grill her about Mel B, THAT red-carpet arrival and partying ‘til 8 am…

The Spice girls were fab at the Closing Ceremony…
Thanks. I had such an amazing time. There was such a community spirit and I was buzzing off the atmosphere. The cab driver drove a little faster than in rehearsals so I ended up clinging on for dear life. The after-party was lots of fun; I stayed out ‘til 8 am.

Did you enjoy being a Guest Judge on The X Factor?
I loved it. I’m naturally a team player so it was lovely to be part of a team. The atmosphere was really cozy and the Judges really welcomed me to the fold. People can be cynical about talent shows but they’ve been around for fifty years and it’s a fantastic way of finding new talent. The X Factor opens doors for people who may not necessarily look the part or are looking for second chances.

Are you mates with the Judges?
I’ve known Louis for a very long time. He’s like an old friend. Gary is really sweet and caring. I’ve gone to him for advice in the past. Tulisa is really authentic; you could see how passionate she was about championing Little Mix last year.

Mel C told us you were embarrassed about your red-carpet arrival…
I spoke to my mum about it too. Like Mel, she reassured me that my entrance was classic me. I didn’t really plan it; all my most outrageous moments are spontaneous.

Is Mel B really that scary?
The X Factor was really lucky to have Mel B on the panel. I really admire her. She’s got an amazing personality and is really talented. Mel B doesn’t give Contestants false hope – she tells it like it is.

Do you have a favourite Contestant from over the years?
I couldn’t possibly pick! I like the quirky acts too. I actually won a £100 bet on Jedward. When they first appeared on The X Factor, I turned to my friend and said, ‘I bet you £100 they land a top ten record!’


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