Goodbye from The X Factor!

Goodbye from The X Factor!

Since last weekend’s fab finale, we’ve been blubbing like babies and worked our way through box after box of industrial strength tissues.

Seated in a darkened room with just a candle flame to light our dreary lives, we’re all at a loss over what to do now that our favourite show is over for another year.

This year’s bombastically brilliant series moved at a supersonic speed with more loop-the-loops, twists and turns than you could shake a stick at. The goosebumps still haven’t gone down, our spines are still tingling and those heart strings are still feeling decidedly tugged at. Damn you, X Factor!

From the weird and wonderful auditions to the crowning of this year’s X Factor champ James Arthur, it has been one helluva ride and we couldn’t have done it without you!  

Whether it came to welcoming Nicole to the fold or supporting your fave acts all the way through to the Live Shows, as ever, your loyalty and involvement has been second to none. Fact.  

But sadly, the time has come to say goodbye for another year until we return in a blaze of glory in 2013!  

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And to all you budding pop stars out there, don’t forget you can apply for next year’s X Factor now! Click HERE for all the info you need…  

Well, this is it then, it's been Totes Emosh, Faboosh and Oh. Em . Genius! Have yourself a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We'll return in 2013 when… It’s Time. To Face. The Music… once again.


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Congratulations James Arthur, true talent!!