Introducing our gossip gal... The X Factor Insider!

Introducing our gossip gal... The X Factor Insider!

Here at The X Factor, we’re still high-fiving ourselves and omitting unintelligible squeaks of X-citement upon learning that The X Factor Insider is baaaack.

Dying to find out where Tulisa gets those fantabulous frocks from? Wanna know why unlucky-in-love Olly STILL can’t get a date? Or does your insatiable appetite for gorgeous Gazza know no bounds?

Step forward, The X Factor Insider! Yah-huh, our girl-on-the-go will be reporting from the celebrity frontline and on call around the clock to provide you with all the latest juicy news, celebrity gossip and sizzling X-clusives.

As the last to leave the party, our X Factor Insider will be on the prowl 24/7, mingling with the Judges, Contestants and celebrity Guests alike to break all the mahoosive stories as the happen.

The X Factor Insider will be your go-to source for all the daily happenings on The X Factor. Backstage photos… Check. Judge, Host and Contestant interviews… Check. Celebrity blogs… Check.

Armed with an access-all-areas pass, The X Factor Insider will be asking those cheeky questions nobody else dare ask as well as taking more backstage snaps than you can shake a stick at.

Pssst! Aficianados of the #Gazmeister (yup, we got that trending) will also be delighted to discover that we’ll be posting photos of your favourite #FittieMcVittie on a daily basis. We. Could. Stare. At. That. Face. All. Day #JustSayin'

See you backstage!


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!