Jahmene: ‘Having Nicole pay you attention is never a bad thing!’

Jahmene: ‘Having Nicole pay you attention is never a bad thing!’

Saturday night’s ‘shock’ factor came courtesy of the little lad from Swindon, Jahmene Douglas. Trembling with nerves; nobody could have anticipated the powerhouse vocals within.

Decked out in a dapper suit, the shy guy earned himself a standing ovation. Hard-to-please, Gazza even told him: ‘That was HOW to do an Audition!’

Personally, we commend Jahmene for keeping cool. If The Barlow said that to us; we’d keel over, faint and be frogmarched to A&E. Earlier, we caught up with the singer from Swindon to talk about nerves, Nicole and that nailbiting Audition.

You’re quite shy…
Yes, I am. I was ten times more anxious about watching myself on television than I was auditioning. I couldn’t relax in the run-up to the show. I was so tense! My family were so proud of me. As per, my mum was crying.

Awww, Gary clearly liked you…
What an accolade! I never imagined Gary would love my performance. I was worried that nerves were going to get the better of me.

And Scherzy said she wanted to eat you up!
Ha, having Nicole say that to you is never a bad thing! She’s stunning. I spoke with her backstage after my performance; she was so supportive and encouraging.

How inspires you musically?
It would have to be Whitney. For a long time, all I’d listen to was Whitney. She taught me how to sing. Naturally, I was devastated by news of her passing.

We liked your suit…
Suits are my thing! I love to keep it old school with my suits. It reminds me of how the original R&B greats used to dress.


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