Jake: ‘I could stare at bikinis all day long!’

Jake: ‘I could stare at bikinis all day long!’

Water star! We all fell hook, line and sinker for lush lifeguard Jake Quickenden. After an Audition that went - ahem - swimmingly well, the Judges also went overboard for the sexy singer. 

Here, Jake Quickenden talks about making a splash on Saturday’s show, why he's dying to go for a pint with Gary and what he REALLY thinks of speedos...

Did you enjoy Saturday’s show?
It was so surreal. I was blown away by the whole episode – it full to the brim with talent. I popped into town today and so many people approached me for autographs and photos. I was so flattered to be asked. What an honour!

We gotta ask; bikinis or cozzies?
I could stare at bikinis all day long. Having said that, I’m a fan of those cheeky cozzies that show your belly button; they’re hot! You don’t see too many of them in Scunthorpe.

Speedos or swimming shorts?
Speedos are a crime against fashion and nobody wants to see your package on full display like that. I opt for shorts every time.

If all the Judges were drowning; who would you save first?
It would have to be Gary. He is a legend and an idol of mine. Plus he’d have to take me to the pub afterwards by way of thanks. I’d love to sink back a few ales with Gary.

And which celeb would you like to give mouth-to-mouth to?
Ooh, it’d have to be Cheryl Cole. I’d gladly take her in my arms and resuscitate her.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!