James Arthur: ‘I’m not a womaniser, I’m looking for a girlfriend!’

James Arthur: ‘I’m not a womaniser, I’m looking for a girlfriend!’

Blimey! Saturday’s show should’ve come with a health warning. 

After James Arthur’s steamy performance of Let’s Get It On, we were left with heart palpitations and an elevated body temperature of epic proportions. In fact, such was his hotness that we needed to cool down by taking an ice-cold shower. Brrr!

Fortunately, we’ve since pulled ourselves together and decided to interview this fine specimen of manhood on your behalf, (you're welcome!).

Here, the talented singer and all-round fittie lifts the lid on ballads, boobs and being a hit with the laydees.

Did you enjoy Saturday’s show?

I did, it was nice to do a fun, light-hearted song. I could feel the love in studio. I took a risk by being so raunchy. Serenading Nicole and Tulisa in the way that I did could have looked seriously tacky and cheesy. Hopefully, I styled it out.

You sooo did!

Thanks, there’s a fine line between being cheesy and making the song credible. It was a hard song to execute, I just hope I did it justice.

The Prof said he’s a mahoosive fan...

Professor Green is amazing. To get support from someone of his stature means so much. He’s phenomenally talented and really respected in the industry. I’d absolutely love to collaborate with him on some music. It would be great to sit down and write some music together. I really look up to him.

How do you keep it real?

I stay true to who I am as an artist. If I didn’t connect with a song, I wouldn’t perform it.

Were you shocked to be in the bottom two the other week?

I’m not the conventional X Factor contestant so I wasn’t surprised to find myself in the bottom two. I’ve bounced back from it - I didn’t want to let the people who voted for me down by being a misery guts. I’m in such a priviliged position and don’t take a second of it for granted.

You’ve been papped with loads of girls recently...

I’m focusing on the competition at the moment. I’ve had a few snogs so far, I’ll leave it at that. When this is all over, I fully intend on pursuing some of the offers I’ve had.

Are you a player?

God, no! I prefer being in a relationship. I’m a serial monogamist and die-hard romantic. I want a girl to look after me. Physically, I like brown eyes, belly button piercings and medium-sized boobs. Although, breasts are brilliant - regardless of their size! I’d say I’m more of a boobs than legs man. On a mental level, I’m looking for someone who is kind, creative and funny.

Good to know! Ever serenaded a girlf?

I have serenaded ladies I’ve been in love with before. I’ve written girls songs. It’s how I used to get girls. My guitar has seen me through lots of relationships!

Who is your fave Finalist?

Jahmene always sticks out. He is a world-class performer. He loves gospel music so a lot of the time he has to compromise by singing songs he’d never normally perform. He does it all with such class.

How is Rylan?

I felt sorry for Rylan. Week after week, he took the blame for all the favourite Finalists going home. It wasn’t his fault and it’s a testament to his good character, that he didn’t snap and throw a hissy fit. He’s a strong character and I think he’s got a bright future ahead of him.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!