James Arthur: ‘I’m still looking for a soul-mate!’

James Arthur: ‘I’m still looking for a soul-mate!’

Girls, you’ve let us down. Last week, we put out a call to action to find James Arthur a girlfriend and as of yet, he’s STILL single.

How can this be? Are we living in some freakish parallel universe where sexy singers like James roam free, dateless of a Friday night? We must put a stop to this madness and help him in his quest to find true love.

As this year’s resident eye-candy, you'll know that we’ve grown rather fond of James.

In addition to being quite the Wordsworth and cooler than a polar bear chilling on an iceberg - and that’s no mean feat - he’s the sweetest, humblest person we’ve ever met. Fact!

We caught up with the talented Finalist to get the low-down on THOSE pap shots and why he’s still looking for that special someone. Time to form an orderly queue, ladies...

You were ruddy brill on Saturday...

Cheers! I loved performing The Power of Love. The production was epic. I liked the Broken Heart behind me. I hope that I delivered a vocal worthy of the track.

The Judges LOVED it too...

All the comments were very encouraging. Gary said he thought it was the performance of the series. His comment really boosted my confidence. To also get a standing ovation from all four Judges was the icing on the cake. I had to pinch myself!

We bet you’re really proud of your new BFF, Jahmene...

Jahmene is my boy! He is the BEST and oozes class from every pore. His tribute to his late brother was mega emotional and the closest I’ve been to tears all series. I gave him a big hug afterwards, I’ve got his back. This show comes with a lot of pressure and I’ve been impressed by how well Jahmene has been coping.

We saw a snap of you ‘snogging’ a girl...

There was a pap shot of me kissing a lady outside a nightclub. A nice girl came over and asked if she could give me a peck on the cheek and I politely accepted.

Did you properly snog her?

The camera caught us at an odd angle. It was an innocent kiss. I can confirm that no tongues were involved. It was a saliva free zone!

How many girls have you pulled?

I’ve had a little bit of fun but nowhere near as much as people would have you believe. I wouldn’t have the time or stamina to be dating all those lovely ladies. I’ll definitely be up for pursuing some of the offers I’ve received after the show...

Are you still looking for a girlfriend?

Absolutely. I’m still looking. I’d love to fall in love and find a soul-mate. I’d like to meet a girl who I can write songs for and connect with on an emotional level. I’m quite a sensitive, fragile soul and I like to be looked after.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!