Kye: 'I plan on taking Rita Ora out for dinner!'

Kye: 'I plan on taking Rita Ora out for dinner!'

Last night, chimney sweeper Kye Sones wowed the Judges and - ahem - swept us all away with an electrifying Swedish House Mafia/Rita Ora mash-up, (nice way of buttering her up, eh Kye?).

This afternoon, we caught up with the talented singer/songwriter (alas not in the flesh, gutted X 100,000) to talk about last night’s stomper of a show. Here, he spills the beans on bonding with Rita Ora and why he thinks Rylan Clark is the funniest fella on the box…

Your audition was a sweeping success…
Ha, very funny! I snuck away to watch last night’s show with a friend. I knew I’d be too emotional to watch it with my family. I couldn’t take it all in; it was like watching someone else. I was totally overwhelmed and was so grateful for the opportunity to audition.

Rita looked rather Hot Right Now, didn’t she?
I see what you did there! Rita Ora looked beautiful as ever on the TV. I should take her out for dinner to thank her for all the nice things she said about me.

Mel C told us she was a fan of your music too…
Mel C said that? Wow – what an absolute honour. It doesn’t get better than that. The Spice Girls are a great British institution and to have someone as successful as her pay me a compliment is amazing.

Who did you enjoy watching last night?
It was a brilliant show. I loved Rylan. He’s hilarious – he should have his own TV show with all those one-liners.

Are you a fan of his tan?
I thought his tan was expertly applied and very convincing. We met at the London auditions and I liked him immediately. He did try to give me a fake tan but I told him: “Nah, you’re alright mate.” Lucky escape, eh?

Lastly, are you still cleaning chimneys?
Believe it or not, I’ve got appointments next week. Let’s hope I’ve boosted the industry!

Oh Kye, if only we didn’t rely on electric heaters to get us through the winter…


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!