Louis: ‘Tulisa is in love!’

Louis: ‘Tulisa is in love!’

What a dreary Monday! We’ve lost the entertainment juggernaut that IS Rylan Clark and it’s been raining cats and dogs all day.

On days like these, there are only three things that can raise a smile. A king size box of Krispy Kremes, an unlimited supply of Channing Tatum movies and a chat with gossip guy, Louis Walsh.

As ever, the long-standing Judge is on funny form and full of cheeky comments about Tulisa, Caroline et al.

Here, The X Factor stalwart spills the beans on seeing Tulisa starkers (oops!) and setting Union J up with fans, (yes, please!). Enjoy, it’s one helluva read...

Union J were ruddy brill on Saturday’s show...

Union J came out of nowhere on Saturday night and delivered! The guys really stepped it up and became a proper boyband. They’ve honed their craft and have grown into proper men.

Do you still think Chris Maloney is a bit naff?

Christopher is a good singer but he doesn’t look like a popstar. He’ll always be a cruise ship singer to me. On the other hand, Jahmene and James look like bona fide entertainers.

What makes Jahmene and James so special?

They’ve both got the whole package; stage presence, charisma, shedloads of talent... They’re the real deal. What you get backstage is the same as what you see on screen with those two.

Do you think Union J could be the next One Direction?

There is room in the market for another big boyband. Union J are one of the most exciting bands I’ve worked with in quite a while. These guys tick all the boxes. I genuinely think we’re looking at the next big thing.

Any plans to set ‘em up with any celeb popstars?

I’d like to see them date non-celebrities. Some ‘real’ girls who’ll treat them well and help keep them grounded. They’re such a pleasure to work with - they’re good guys.

Tulisa seems to have a twinkle in her eye...

I think she’s in love. I can tell - she looks really happy and is letting me get away with murder on the show! I enjoy winding her up by calling her a WAG. It’s such a shame to have lost Ella but Tulisa has lots going on in her career with her album and so forth. She’s one busy bee!

Have you heard from the big boss of late?

Simon chatted with me a few weeks ago. His hands are pretty full at the moment with the American X Factor. He hasn’t been interfering with what we’re doing over here - he’s letting us get on with it.

What’s been the biggest shock so far this series?

Ha! Walking in on Tulisa with no clothes on. I sauntered into her dressing room and she was totally naked. That gave me quite a shock! She looks great though, it has to be said.

Any goss? James told us he fancies Caroline Flack...

Hmmm... I’ve spied them flirting on Xtra Factor. They’d make a cute couple, he certainly looks like her type. My only concern is that at 24, he’s a little too old for her.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!