Louis Walsh: ‘I’m the best dressed Judge!’

Louis Walsh: ‘I’m the best dressed Judge!’

If we had to pick our favourite person of 2012, it’s highly likely that Louis Walsh would scoop first prize.

Our love is such that we’d happily swerve a tub of Ben & Jerry’s AND Robert Pattinson in a pair of Speedos in favour of a cheeky chat with the long-standing Judge. High-praise indeed, huh?

We caught up with Louis earlier today and as per, he was frank, funny and full of gossip. Here, he lifts the lid on losing Union J, missing Rylan and, um, being the best dressed Judge.

Are you missing Rylan?

Yes, I’m really missing Rylan. Behind-the-scenes, he was so much fun and such a bundle of energy. We’ve never had anyone quite like him on the show before. I predict that one day he’ll be a very successful TV presenter. He really does have the ‘X’ Factor.

You were in bits about losing Union J...

It’s very sad but I’m so proud of the boys. They really are going to be huge, I think we’re looking at the next One Direction. They’re such grounded, great guys. The ONLY positive I can think of is that I won’t have to wear that leotard I’d promised on wearing if they got through to the Final. The guys know they can count on me for support and advice.

‘Fess up! Who is the most stylish Judge?

I think I’ve been on the biggest journey fashion-wise. I’d say I’m one of the best dressed, I’ve really made an effort this year with my suits. I figured it was time to up my game and consult a stylist! I’ve improved the most. I actually like my polo-neck jumper! The others do always look great - Nicole is stunning.

Who has been your favourite Guest Artist so far?

Rihanna and Bruno Mars; they were world-class. Those two have definitely been my favourites so far. Although, I’ve loved all our Guest Acts.

What did you make of Jahmene’s perfromances this weekend?

I had to fight back the tears. I was incredibly moved by Jahmene’s performance in memory of his late brother. What a brave boy! Now Union J have left, I’d love Jahmene to win.

You also seemed slightly less - ahem - cheesed off with Chris...

His first song was good. I wasn’t so keen on the second song. He’ll never be my cup of tea but I think he’d make a fantastic West End performer. I could genuinely see him in a successful musical.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!