Louis Walsh: ‘I find Maloney bland and boring!’

Louis Walsh: ‘I find Maloney bland and boring!’

We unashamedly love, love, love, love, love Louis Walsh. Those off-the-cuff comments, the bitchy quips, THAT polo-neck jumper, (which coincidently, we really like. It reminds us of the Milk Tray man and anything that makes us think of choccies is clearly a good thing).

This weekend, The X Factor stalwart was on winning form - from calling Tulisa a WAG to chastising Gary over Rylan, our favourite wind-up merchant was firing on all cylinders.

Earlier, we caught up with lovely Louis to get the showbiz shizzle on Tulisa’s love-life, Union J’s nerves and why he’s still - ahem - cheesed off with Chris.

What did you make of Rylan poking fun at Gary on Saturday’s show?
I loved it! It was the BEST comeback ever, the best thing about Rylan is that nothing shocks him. Gary has met his match in Rylan.

Gary was left speechless…
Yup, he got OWNED! That Essex boy is the king of one-liners and is brilliant fun. Who else would dare to poke fun at Gary over his weight? It was a stroke of genius!

Was Gary a good sport about it afterwards?
Gary secretly loved it. You have to embrace the madness of this show. Gary loves a good old banter and on Saturday night, the gloves were well and truly off!

What did you make of Rylan’s performance?
It wasn’t my favourite. I felt slightly underwhelmed. Off the back of his other outrageously brilliant performances so far this series, I was expecting more. I still love him but I’m worried that Rylan may have peaked already.

Have you met this psychic of his?
Not yet. I’d be interested to see what his psychic has to say seeing as he didn’t leave this week as she’d predicted. Time for a refund, perhaps?

You still don’t seem overly-enamoured with Chris…
Maloney is bland and boring. For some unfathomable reason, the public still like him. He really suits his new nickname; shake and fake.

Nicole said she was freaked out by that giant portrait of him…
I actually liked that weird collage that was behind him during his performance. The lights for eyes were pretty intense, though. It was creepy, cool and made me laugh. Chris can really sing though, I’ll give him that.

Are Union J OK?
My boys are nervous. Being in the bottom two the other week knocked their confidence for six. They’ve worked really hard throughout the competition. I’d love to see Union J do really well beyond the show – they deserve to be successful.

Is Tulisa cross with you for calling her a wag?
Ha! She hasn’t got a leg to stand on. She is a wag! She’s dating a footballer. He’s a really nice guy, good for her. Tulisa and I really gel, we chat about everything together. I’m very fond of her.



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