Louis Walsh: ‘The feud between Tulisa and Gary isn't over yet!’

Louis Walsh: ‘The feud between Tulisa and Gary isn't over yet!’

Ooh Louis, how we love thee! When it comes to the juiciest backstage gossip, the wondrous Walsh can always be relied upon to dish the dirt.

Earlier, we collared the X Factor stalwart and coaxed him into telling us whether or not Tulisa and Gary are still frenemies and why he STILL isn’t mad for Maloney. Enjoy!

How do you feel about Gary’s criticism of District3?
Gary should know better! He comes from a boyband and should know that successes don’t happen overnight. These things take time. He’s always picking on them for different things. Let’s face it, not everybody in Take That could sing. Distrcit3 are brilliant vocalists.

Are you still - ahem – cheesed off with Chris Maloney?
I don’t get him! He’s very old fashioned. What’s the cheesiest cheese? Cheddar! Yes, he’s vintage cheddar all the way.

Do you really think he’s a diva?
In my eyes, he’s definitely the biggest diva behind-the-scenes. From what I hear, he demands the most backstage!

Is there still any beef between Gary and Tulisa post cigarette-gate?
They’re pretending they’re best friends but I know it’s not 100% yet. It’s going to take time for their friendship to go back to what it was. I won’t be intervening. Tulisa is very much her own woman and doesn’t need me to fight her battles.

Besides Union J, who do you rate?
I love Jahmene. I’ve liked him from day one. He’s the whole package. I think Ella’s great too. James Arthur has got great musicality but I don’t think he’s commercial enough.

Are George Shelley and Ella Henderson dating?
They’re definitely good friends. George and Ella look out for each other and you can see that they’ve formed a close bond as pals.

George seems to get on really well with the other members of Union J…
Union J are all such good friends, George has fitted in seamlessly. There’s a really good vibe amongst all the acts this year. I’d say they’re the friendliest bunch of finalists we’ve ever had.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!