Lucy Spraggan: ‘I’ve got a killer hangover today!’

Lucy Spraggan: ‘I’ve got a killer hangover today!’

It’s the morning after the night before and we’ve got a bleary-eyed Lucy Spraggan on the phone to talk about last night’s telly-tastic show. Following her unforgettable audition, the lovely lass has seen her Twitter followers skyrocket. Atta girl!

Here, Lucy spills the beans on beer fear and introduces – drumroll please – a non-alcoholic cocktail she’s created specifically for our younger online fans, called the ‘On the Wagon Spraggan.’ What a trooper!

‘Fess up! Did you go to the pub last night to celebrate?
Yes, guilty as charged. I’m ridiculously hungover. After the show, I went out on the lash with my mates. I have a very sore head today.

What did you drink?
It’s more a question of what DIDN’T I drink! I knocked back sangria, wine, jaegerbombs, tequila and champagne. You’ve gotta drink champagne when you’ve just seen yourself on the telly. I was momentarily sick but I powered through.

Wow! No wonder you’re feeling queasy…
Yes, don’t try this at home kids! And only drink if you’re of legal age. In fact - with your younger fans in mind - I’ve come up with a non-alcoholic cocktail called the ‘On the Wagon Spraggan.’

Ooh, tell us more…
Mix up some Ribena, lemonade, chunks of tinned fruit and then plonk in a Berocca for an added kick and watch it fizz. And don’t forget to add a sparkler and umbrella. It’s fab because you’re also getting one of your five a day. Drink this and you won’t end up doing the robot and experiencing ‘beer fear.’

Can you define ‘beer fear?’
It’s when you wake up, look around the room and say to yourself ‘where the bejeezus am I?’ Or alternatively it can be when you wake up with someone hugging you and for a split-second you’re thinking ‘who the heck is that?’ When this happens, it always ends up being a mate who crashed over for the night.

Which tipples do you see the Judges drinking?
I see Gary as a local ale kinda guy, Tulisa as a vodka and red bull lady, Nicole as a Cosmopolitan girl and Louis as a gin and tonic fella.

Tell us more about your kerrazy Olly Murs tattoo…
Ha! I had it done for The Xtra Factor. I think Olly is great, talented and loved hanging out with him but I’m not a superfan. I don’t have any of his albums. I wanted to get a tattoo done to remind me of this exciting time in my life. Plus, I never back out on a drinking dare!

What has the response been like online?
The support has been incredible and I’m so grateful. Last night I went from 1,800 followers on Twitter to 31,000. I’m still pinching myself – it’s all too surreal.


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