Mel B: ‘You know where you stand with Tulisa'

Mel B: ‘You know where you stand with Tulisa'

As The X Factor’s queen of mean, we love Mel B! She’s fierce, foxy and full of hilarious quips. We caught up with the talented singer and X Factor Guest Judge to talk about Louis’ hair, Gary’s one-liners and why she’d love there to be a Spice Girls themed week for the Live Shows…

How would you describe your Judging style?
I wouldn’t say I have a style as such. Nothing is contrived. I’m a very honest person and say what I feel. I thoroughly enjoyed being a Judge.

Did you feel for the Contestants?
I did. Before The Spice Girls, I used to attend up to six auditions a week. I know what it feels like to be rejected. You’re not doing anyone any favours by lying to them about being talented if they’re not. I don't sugar-coat stuff.

Which Contestants stood out for you?
Lucy Spraggan! I didn’t want her performance to end. I could have listened to her for hours. Nicola Marie was fun – those splits were incredible.

Did you get on well with the other Judges?
Louis is lovely. He’s always pranking people backstage. We spent a lot of time teasing him about his hair. Gary’s brilliant; he was really serious at first but I livened him up. He’s got a very dry sense of humour, he reminds me of Victoria in that respect.

What about Tulisa?
I got on like a house on fire with Tulisa. She’s really down to earth and you know where you stand with her. Tulisa also has a very sweet side to her.

What did you all get up to backstage?
We had a laugh. I’m a northern girl so we’d order in fish and chips. Except Gary, who’ll only eat baby food because of that macrobiotic diet he’s on.

As Scary Spice, do you still wear loads of leopard print?
Yes, I have leopard print underwear, shoes, t-shirts, throws – the works!

We’re dying to see a Spice Girls week on The X Factor…
Too right! I would LOVE to see a Spice Girls themed week. My favourite song of ours will always be Wannabe. I would love to see Who Do You Think You are performed on a Live Show.

Mel C recently said that there were a few scraps in The Spice Girls…
Ha! There was one occasion where we were all being interviewed and I thought Geri had hit me when it was actually Emma. I slapped Geri in retaliation and all hell broke loose!

Any chance of another Spice Girls tour?
Yes, never say never! I’d love to do another Spice Girls tour and release some new material.

Watch Mel B get her grump on during Auditions HERE!


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