Nicola Marie: ‘Gary has matured like a fine wine’

Nicola Marie: ‘Gary has matured like a fine wine’

Split’s not easy being Nicola Marie. Her energetic routine left Tulisa umming and ahhing and Gazza needing a glass of cold water! Mel B, however, ‘properly loved it’ and so did we.

Here, the supple singer talks us through those infamous ‘split push-ups,’ being shy, (who knew, eh?) and why Gazza is like a fine wine.

Did you enjoy Saturday’s show?
I almost missed my performance on the telly! I was dressed as Lady Gaga and about to go on stage in Birmingham to strut my stuff.

Mel B was a big fan…
I was so happy with my performance. I was ecstatic to receive such positive feedback from Mel B. She was far from scary with me.

You seemed to combine the splits with push-ups…
I did. It’s my trademark move and it’s great for firming up your thighs. I discovered I could do them three years ago. I was doing a Lady Gaga performance when I realised I’d left my disco stick in the dressing room. I had to improvise and fast! That’s how the ‘push-up split’ came about. I wanted to do something to ‘wow’ the crowd.

You’re quite the chatterbox, aren’t you?
I used to be really shy. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I came out of my shell. The X Factor has given me so much confidence. I also chat when I’m feeling anxious. As you can imagine, I was sooo nervous about auditioning.

How will you win over Gazza?
I’ll buy him a pie. Or failing that I’ll keep my legs closed and ease up on the ‘jazz hands.’ I want him to see that I really can sing. Perhaps I could win him over with a ballad?

He’s rather hot, isn’t he?
Gary has matured like a fine wine. He was attractive when was younger but he wasn’t a pretty boy. Pretty boys in their early twenties never mature into hotties.  Gary, however, keeps on getting better and better with age. Did you see his eyes on Saturday night? They’re beautiful. I do like an older man.

You look great for your age. Any tips?
Dance, dance, dance and smear Vaseline on your face to protect against wrinkles. Being in love helps; I’ve been with my lovely husband for four years. He wasn’t too happy when the press mistook him for my dad over the weekend. Oops!

Anything else you care to share?
I’d like to thanks people for all the support. I’ve had people stop me in the street for autographs and everyone seems to be talking about that split!



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