Nicole: ‘I’d love to paint the town orange with Rylan!’

Nicole: ‘I’d love to paint the town orange with Rylan!’

One of our favourite things about this series of The X Factor has been Nicole’s heee-lair-ious ‘Scherzims.’

Thus far, we’ve been treated to sha-mazing, sha-maze balls and gorge-oire. We’re also loving the way she draws out her words really sexily and s-l-o-w-l-y, pronouncing each and every syllable, like ‘LIV-ING!’

In addition to being quite the linguist, our foxy and feisty Judge sure knows how to hold a tune and rock a frock. When she’s not being generally fabulous, Nicole can also be found mentoring and fussing over her three Boys like a mother hen.

In the flesh, sans make-up, she’s insanely gorgeous and refreshingly down-to-earth. We caught up with the Pussycat Doll to talk about nights out with her Boys, being a Bond Girl and why she wanted to keep hold of that ASDA uniform. Say whaaat?

Rylan sooo owned Gary on Saturday’s show…
Oh my gosh! Rylan went in for the kill and all Gary could do was put his hands up and admit defeat. That’s what happens when you’re mean to Rylan week after week.

Where would you take your Boys for a night out on the razz?
My boys are all so different. I’d love to go and see Beverly Knight perform with Jahmene. Rylan would be up for anything. He’s a party animal. I’d paint the town red - oops, make that orange - with him. I think we’d party ‘til sunrise together. We’d tear up GAY!

What about James?
I’d love for James to take me to one of his favourite pubs. We could play some acoustic music together and jam out over a few pints and some pork scratchings.

You were a little spooked by Christopher’s performance on Saturday…
The laser eyes that came out of his massive face during his performance were creepy. I didn’t find Chris creepy but that collage was scary. He’s a good singer, though. I wasn’t knocking him, just that screen behind him.

We reckon you’d make an ace Bond Girl…
I’d love to be a kick-ass bond girl. I’d be very stealth-like with ninja skills. My name would be Nikita or something exotic like Proscovia.

‘Fess up! Did you REALLY enjoy working at ASDA for the day?
I love ASDA! Taking over their telecom was definitely a highlight for me. I really enjoyed cheekily slashing the prices over the tannoy. Thanks to that, I think lots of people saved money that day. Plus, who can escape that electrifying outfit? I’m a sucker for emerald green. I liked dressing up in it!

How do you unwind post-show?
I love to treat myself to some red velvet cake or listen to Prince. I’d love for there to be a Prince week. It’d be great to see one of my Boys sing ‘Darling Nikki.’ 


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!