Nicole: ‘Tulisa’s a tough chick!'

Nicole: ‘Tulisa’s a tough chick!'

What’s up pussycat? We caught up with the staggeringly beautiful Nicole Scherzinger to get the skinny on X Factor life. Here, the Hawaiian hottie reveals all about her relationship with Tulisa, what she makes of Simon Cowell and how she likes to spend her downtime. Purr-fect!

What’s the big boss like?

I know Simon Cowell, of course. I was impressed with his work ethic and actually how nice and re-assuring he was.

You and Tulisa seem to get along well…

I like how real she is. She's super cool and tells it how it is. She’s a tough chick but has a golden heart. She’s also brushing me up on my British slang.

Louis seems to have a soft spot for you...

Awww, he was the first to welcome me to The X Factor family. Who doesn't love an Irish accent? Potato!

Who inspires you musically?

I love everyone from Whitney Huston to Prince. I'm also really enjoying the new Mary J Blige album. At the moment, my favourite new artist is Lianne La Havas.

What’s your favourite song to perform?

I love performing all my songs but Poison is Xtra fun, dangerous and full-throttle.

How do you stay looking so hot?

First of all you have to feel great from within. Wear what works for you and makes you feel the best.

What do you love about the UK?

My Fans! I love the history and culture. You have the best restaurants, music bands and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Do you have a secret talent?

I do the best impression of an off-beat dancer.

Who’d win in a dance-off between the Judges?

It would be a tie between Gary and Louis.

What makes you happy?

Retail therapy, frozen yogurt or working out. Dance classes, and yoga make me feel so empowered afterwards. And if that that doesn't work; try a therapeutic margarita...if you’re of age, of course ;-)

How do you like to chill out?

I love to watch funny movies and romantic comedies. I like treating myself too. I’m hooked on kettle chips and red velvet cheesecake. I’ve also just discovered PICNIC candy bars in the UK.

And lastly, what is the ‘X’ factor?

It's an indescribable energy and light that someone has. You just know it when you see it because you just feel it!


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