Rylan: ‘Louis would look lush with a spray tan!’

Rylan: ‘Louis would look lush with a spray tan!’

OM-FRICKIN-G! We’ve got the reem-arkable Rylan Clark on the blower and he’s up for a good old goss.

Here, the tan-tastic singer lifts the lid on nerve-wracks, fake tanning disasters and calling Gary ‘G.’

What did you make of Saturday’s show?
I was totes nerve-wracking about seeing my audition on TV. I was in a right old two-and-eight. My mum was so proud of my performance. She’s my number one fan and looks so glamorous in all her little leopard print dresses. The Clark household takes their fashion very seriously.

Is it true you’re giving up smoking?
Babe, the fags have gotta go! I’m quitting smoking for good. They have a detrimental effect on my singing voice AND they give you wrinkles and I can’t be doing with premature ageing. Ick!

We love that you called Gary ‘G’ on stage…
When you’re on that stage, you don’t process anything. It’s all one big blur. I can’t believe I called Gary Barlow ‘G.’ What a mug! I attribute that to nerves.

You LOVED his blazer…
I’m ‘avin that blazer. Mark my words, I’m gonna hunt that jacket down. I loved the baby blue colour and Gary looked amaze in it. The other Judges looked fab too. Though, I’d love to give Louis a spray tan and it’d be fun to give Nicole an Essex makeover.

Kye said you tried to give him a fake-tan backstage at the London auditions…
I love that guy. I’m going to make him reconsider – he’d look reem with a tan. I must say we’ve got lots in common. I’ve channelled the chimney sweeper look on many an occasion following a fake tan disaster.

Sooo, what’s the secret to faking it?
Firstly, it’s all about picking the right colour. Never, ever opt for an orange colour. Who wants to look like an Oompa-Loompa?

Err, we don’t… What’s the next step?
Sweetheart, you’ve gotta exfoliate and moisturise dry areas like your knees and elbows as the fake tan will cling to them and make you look like Peggy Patch from Playdays.

Blimey, any other tips?
Always use a mitt to blend your fake tan. I repeat, ALWAYS use a mitt. Never use latex gloves, they are evil and omit a powder that will cause your tan to streak. Nobody wants badger stripes, do they?

You’re bezzie mates with Charly from 2 Shoes, aren’t you?
I am. Have you seen her little boy Beaux? Awww… he’s so gorge. I’m honoured that she chose me to be his Godfather. 2 Shoes have done so well and have just singed a record deal.

Hasn’t little Beaux taken up modelling?
Yes, he’s been doing bits and bobs. I’ve taken him under my wing. I’ve been giving him tips and taught him how to do the trademark Rylan pout. He’s got it going on.

You said that you struggled in the past due to standing out…
Things weren’t always easy for me at school because I was so different. I’m determined, focused and have embraced what makes me different and I’d like to thank people for their support following my audition. It means the world to me.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!