Tulisa: ‘I’d love to set James Arthur up with one of my mates!’

Tulisa: ‘I’d love to set James Arthur up with one of my mates!’

We HEART Tulisa.

As our number one girl crush; the stunning singer can always be relied upon for her frankness, foxiness and err, funniness, (we're all about rhyming at XF HQ).

As the only Judge left in the competition without any acts, we wanted to get the skinny on who she wants to win and what she really makes of 80s balladeer, Chris Maloney.

Here, the original Female Boss lifts the lid on how Ella’s doing, why she finds James Arthur sexy and her thoughts on Louis’ cheeky comments.

Is Ella okay?

Ella’s doing brilliantly. I chatted with her today and she was in good spirits. I was really pleased to hear about her gig with Olly Murs at G-A-Y. She performed there last Saturday night. She looked great!

Your hair looks lush straightened...

It’s really quick to style. Straighteners are more straight-forward than styling tongs. It makes a nice change to style my hair straight.

Do you and Nicole compete with one another in the fashion-stakes?

No way! I couldn’t care less about these ‘fashion wars.’ Nicole always looks stunning, there’s no rivalry whatsoever between us. I like her.

What about Louis’ cheeky on air comments?

Louis irritated me a little bit with his contastant banter on Saturday night. You’ve got to take him with a pinch of salt. He’s a regular little wind-up merchant, that’s why we love him!

‘Fess up! Who would you like to win?

I want either James or Jahmene to win. They both have lots of soul and fire. James got his sexy on last weekend. I’m sure the girls at home would’ve been very pleased with his performance. He’s such a grounded, nice guy. I’d happily set him up with one of my mates. I can see why he’s popular with women.

Do you still find Christopher’s sound dated?

I’d rather not comment on Chris. The more I criticise him, the more people seem to keep him in. It would be great to see James or Jahmene win this. I’m rooting for them.

Any dream duets you’d like to see at the Final?

I’d love to see James duet with Sting. I’d like to see Jahmene perform with a musical heavyweight like Diana Ross, it would be mind-blowing.


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James is amazing !! He is an absolute star!!