Tulisa: ‘I'm a MASSIVE control freak!'

Tulisa: ‘I'm a MASSIVE control freak!'

Who does Tulisa call when she wants to set the record straight? The X Factor Insider!

Up for a girly gossip, our new BFF was keen to spill the beans on music, men and her little muffins. Enjoy – it’s one helluva read!

The X Factor looks fab this year...
Yes, I’m really excited about this series. The X Factor has always been a credible show to me because it’s about raw talent. We’ve seen so much home-grown talent this year; urban acts, rappers, soul singers – the lot! I can’t wait to find out who I’ll be mentoring – I’d love it to be the Girls.

Speaking of girls; just how AMAZING is Little Mix’s new single?
It’s been brilliant watching them grow. I LOVE Wings. It’s not too poppy with an urban edge. I see the girls all the time, especially on the festival circuit.

What’s the deal with Dappy?
We’re always mates. He’s family and I love him. We’re just not talking at the moment. It’s one of those things, we’ll sort it out.

What’s the silliest rumour you’ve read about yourself?
There were stories doing the rounds that implied I was ‘needy’ in relationships. Me? Needy? Never! I’m an independent lady; I don’t chase after guys and constantly call/text them. To suggest I’m a bunny boiler was really insulting as I’m the total opposite. Where boys are concerned, it’s usually the other way round.

Is it true that your PA Gareth accompanies you on dates?
There have been occasions where he’s been present. Gareth’s a bit like a bodyguard and best friend rolled into one. Trust me, he WILL tell me if he doesn’t approve of a bloke but he knows I make my own decisions.

What kind of guy do you go for?
I want a man who has a massive pair of balls; not physically but mentally! He needs to have bigger balls than me without feeling the need to prove that he has bigger balls. It’s important that he accepts that I have balls too.

Ha! Anything else?
He needs to be funny – I don’t want a guy who offends easily.

Do you get dolled up for a date?
No, not really. If a situation was really special, I’d call my glam squad and say, ‘make me pretty!’

Pulled anyone lately?
The last snog I had was with my ex-boyfriend. There was someone famous I fancied but I found out he was engaged and stuff like that is off-limits.

Caroline says you’re one of her favourite friends…
Awww - thanks Caroline, my little muffin! If you’re reading this, I’ll see you at the weekend for a few bevvies.

What kind of friend are you?
I’m an honest friend. You can come to me for advice or a shoulder to cry on. I’m a massive control freak – I like to be in charge of everything around me. I’m spontaneous too and love randomly calling mates I haven’t seen in ages at 1am.

You recently dyed your hair, do blondes have more fun?
I have fun whatever shade my hair is.

What’s the biggest misconception about you?
People think I’m this tough nut who can’t be cracked. I am a strong person but I have an extremely soft and sensitive side as my friends will testify.

How do you stay looking so trim?
I don’t work-out. If I’m feeling overweight, I’ll lose a few pounds. I can drop my weight in a fortnight if need be. I’m not hung up on stuff like that. I did recently go over my ideal weight by a few pounds. I fixed it by eating less for a few weeks. It still didn’t stop me from running around in a bikini.

Louis called you a diva in the press recently. Thoughts?
I’ve chatted to Louis about this today. I texted him straight away and he messaged me back. He said, ‘T, it’s all just a bit of fun!’ He says stuff like that to wind me up. He’s such a drama queen and loves a good gossip. Am I a diva? Nah, not really. Though, weall have the occasional ‘off’ day.

Tell us about your new album…
My album can be split into three sections; Ibiza, girl power and ballads. There really is something for everyone. I loved filming the music video for Live It Up. I’ll definitely be performing at one of the Live Shows. I can’t wait for people to hear my new stuff.

And lastly, what’s the most important lesson learnt this year?
This year, I’ve discovered to be careful about who I trust. I’ve reached a point where I don’t trust anyone anymore. Although, I’m happy; I’ve got a job I love and can’t wait for this series of X Factor to kick off.


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