EXCLUSIVE! Luke Friend: ‘I wash my hair EVERY DAY!’

EXCLUSIVE! Luke Friend: ‘I wash my hair EVERY DAY!’

It’s been five months since 17-year-old Luke Friend attended his first ever audition for The X Factor and one of the first facts he shared about himself with the Judges was that he hadn’t washed his hair for NINE months!

As a result, there’s been a lot of public chatter about Luke’s hair – and it’s safe to say a few people might have given a little cheer when, in Week Three, X Factor hairdresser Jamie Stevens finally washed it for him. It turns out, Luke quite liked that shampoo sensation, and tells us he has started washing his locks all the time – hurrah!

“I wash my hair every day pretty much,” he reveals. “I shampoo it and everything now. Jamie washed it for me a couple of weeks ago and it looked better. So now I wash it all the time. I just thought it would ruin it, which is why I didn’t do so before. I don’t condition it though, that’s taking it a bit too far.”

Luke also says his mum is a big fan of his hair – and happily supported his great unwashed mane for months.

“She was really cool about it,” he admits. “As long as it looks alright, she’s fine.”

It sounds like Mrs Friend is one cool mama. Oh and don’t say we don’t bring you the best exclusives.

Tune in tomorrow night at 8pm to find out if Luke and his phenomenal head of hair make it through to Week Six.