Kingsland Road's Biography

Kingsland Road's Biography

Boy band, Kingsland Road, have been together since November 2012 - when founders Josh and Connor put the group together. Having met each other at college, the pair discovered Jay, Thompson and Matt on YouTube – and swiftly asked them to form a band.

With that, Kingsland Road were born. The band went on to play gigs around East London, where the boys live together in a big, shared house. It was upon moving in that they came up with the name for their band – because they live right by the famous Kingsland Road.

Three facts you didn't know about Kingsland Road:

Matt used to be a brick-layer before joining the band and even thought about becoming a scuba instructor

Connor says he’s the only one in the band who doesn’t chew with his mouth wide open.

Despite the washing, blow-drying and back-combing that goes into Thompson’s daily hair routine, he says it only takes him five minutes to get ready