Luke Friend: ‘Nicholas and I play pranks on a lot of people’

Luke Friend: ‘Nicholas and I play pranks on a lot of people’

With the first live show out of the way, it’s time to find out how things are going over at The X Factor house. Of course, it’s not just all-day rehearsals, constant vocal-coaching and early nights – there’s some cheekiness going on too, thanks to our resident prankster, Luke Friend.

“The X Factor house is like a mad house,” reveals Luke. “Nicholas and I are the messiest for sure. We play pranks on quite a lot of people and we always leave loo roll everywhere. In fact, we keep stacking loo roll to the ceiling so it falls on people when they open their doors.

“I’m not the tidiest either. I leave my pants and socks all over the floor in the room I share with the boys. Sam is actually quite clean, Nick just farts a lot.”

Boys will be boys, eh?

So how does Luke think he fared in the first live show of 2013, singing Police's Every Breath You Take?

“It felt really good. I was nervous this afternoon, but I tried to channel that energy into something positive. It’s supposed to be fun - so I wanted to enjoy it.

“We’re all quite competitive, but I don’t think what we are doing had dawned on any of us until we went out there tonight. I think Kingsland are going to do well – they knocked it out of the park.”

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