Sam Bailey: 'I'm a huge Take That fan!'

Sam Bailey: 'I'm a huge Take That fan!'

When 36-year-old Sam Bailey stepped into the audition room, we had no idea what we were about to witness.

Although she was nervous about performing in front of the Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne – she forgot all about it when she began to sing.

Sam says: “It’s so overwhelming walking into that room. But when I sing I just lose myself – I forget who I am, what I’m doing. It’s a soothing process for me. It’s like someone is bursting me with a pin and every emotion just comes out. But when I stood there talking, I was nervous. I thought, ‘I just want to sing!’”

Prison warden Sam says she has enjoyed singing since she was a child – and even used to record harmonies herself, while in her room. Even better, she used to practise with Take That’s first number one hit, Pray – which was written by none other than our X Factor judge, Gary Barlow.

“I used to have a double-tape recorder in my bedroom and I’d put a blank tape in one side and sing the chorus to Pray by Take That, while recording it on the other. I’d keep doing that until I had 25 different versions of me singing, until I had a proper choir-like harmony. That’s how I taught myself to sing.”

“I’m a huge Take That fan and because of that, Gary was the one I was worried about impressing. He’s done the Olympics, done so well in the band – he’s just a respected man who has been through so much himself. I think of him as a normal person – but what comes out of his mouth means so much to people. That is a lot of power for someone to have.”

Check out Sam's room and arena audition.

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