Sam Bailey's Biography

Sam Bailey's Biography

Prison Officer Sam received a standing ovation during her room audition – and it’s no wonder because she’s been singing since she was a teenager.

Having joined a youth club, Sam used to get together with her mates and “sing in the toilets”, before going on to invest her pennies in an old double-tape recorder and two blank tapes – recording over herself to create harmonies. Now, Sam lives with her husband and two children, Tommy and Brooke, and hopes The X Factor will give her the chance to sing as a full-time career, not just in her spare time.

Three facts you didn't know about Sam Bailey:

She can do an uncanny impression of legendary TV presenter Cilla Black.

She spent the day riding fairground rides and bowling with Dustin Hoffman after bumping into him in Leicester.

Sam is a huge Take That fan and saw them perform at Crystal Palace as a teenager – hence her excited face when meeting Gary at auditions and Robbie at Judges’ Houses .