The Live Shows are coming… and there’s a twist!

The Live Shows are coming… and there’s a twist!

Ladies and gentlemen, things are about to get DRAMATIC.

Next Saturday 12 October, The X Factor goes live – and the 12 surviving contestants from this weekend’s Judges’ Houses will be singing for YOUR vote.

But, it’s not going to be that straight-forward. This year, we’re introducing the brand new Flash Vote, which will take place on Saturdays at the end of each show. When all the acts have performed, the voting lines will open for a short amount of time – and every vote made in that time is crucial.

Why? Because once the lines close and the calls have been counted, the act with the lowest number of votes will be revealed – and will automatically be in the sing-off on Sunday’s show.

Once the contestant with the lowest vote has been announced, lines will then reopen for the remaining acts – and will stay open until Sunday’s show, when the next person with the lowest number of votes will be revealed.

Basically, your vote has never been so important – and it’s up to you, our fantastic viewers, to save your favourite act from facing the sing-off.

Dramatic? We told you so.

Now, with all the important stuff out the way, let’s get down to the fun bit. The theme for Week One of the live shows. It’s… The 80s!

So get your shoulder pads at the ready, pull out those leg warmers and join us on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October at 8pm on ITV for The X Factor live shows.