Your X Factor 2013 WINNER is… Sam Bailey

Your X Factor 2013 WINNER is… Sam Bailey

We have officially crowned our 2013 X Factor winner and she’s the beautiful, talented and generally awesome Sam Bailey. Not only has Sam won herself a record deal, but she will also support international musical superstar Beyoncé in concert next year on the Mrs Carter tour in the UK. Sha-mazing!

Talking to us about how much winning the competition means to her, Sam admits: “It honestly means everything to me. I wanted to reach the Final and I’m so lucky the public have liked me. Thank you so much!”

Having nabbed the coveted prize, Sam will be releasing her first ever single, Skyscraper. The track is available to download right NOW and will be available in stores from Wednesday. Proceeds will go towards the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity and Together for Short Lives.

So, how exactly will Sam be celebrating when she gets home to her family?

“After the next few incredible days are over, I will be going home and booking a holiday to France,” she reveals. “I promised my daughter I would. She was really worried about me entering this competition - how she wouldn’t see me much and it has been hard being away from the kids.

“She’s really interested in the Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre and France generally so we’ll go over there together and my son can enjoy Disneyland Paris too. They’ve been so good and patient over the whole process, I want to treat them.”

An amazing, strong and deserving winner! We’re very happy to see Sam steal the show.

If you missed the moment when Sam was announced the winner by Dermot, you can watch it now.